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H. Pylori

Do you suffer from nausea, reflux, or abdominal pain?
If so, ask us about the BreathID® Hp test.

Breath ID

At Suffolk Surgical Associates, we use the BreathID® Breath Test System to quickly and accurately detect a common bacterial infection known as Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). H. pylori is a spiral shaped bacterium found in the stomach. The bacteria can penetrate the stomach’s protective mucous lining, making it weak and susceptible to damage from gastric acids. H. pylori affects nearly 1 in 3 Americans. It can cause common symptoms like heartburn, nausea and bloating. It also causes up to 90% of stomach ulcers. If left untreated, it can sometimes lead to painful stomach inflammation, sever ulcers and in rare cases, can increase the risk of gastric cancer.

Fortunately, Helicobacter pylori can be diagnosed using non-invasive tests. BreathID® is an easy and convenient way to determine if you have H. pylori. All you have to do is breathe normally through a nasal cannula, drink a specific liquid and breathe again. Your doctor will have the results for you within 10 to 15 minutes.

If you suffer from any of the symptoms above, or take Nexium®, Prilosec OTC®, Pepcid®, Pepto-Bismol®, TUMS® or any other acid reducing medication, call us today to learn more about the BreathID® Breath Test System.

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